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Naing Naing's Passport Photo 2

Hello, Mingalaba! I’m Myo Naing, a native Burmese language instructor.

Why you should choose me as your Burmese language instructor

I’m a native Burmese speaker originally from the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar. My love for my country and my culture has made me passionate about teaching students from all over the world. It is a great honor to teach students how to speak the Burmese language confidently and with proficiency.

I take my students’ language learning needs seriously and I personally develop a customized course plan for each individual student. This course plan is specifically developed to address each student’s exact needs and is designed to target what the student wants to work on.

It doesn’t matter whether you hope to focus on business terminology, learn some basic phrases for a trip through Myanmar, or even work toward total fluency, I can help you achieve your goals in a fun and effective way!

What to expect from a lesson

In our first lesson, I will assess your Burmese language level and I’ll ask about what you hope to learn and gain from our lessons together. Then, after I understand your needs, I will develop a lesson plan that will help you achieve your Burmese language learning goals. For example, students who wish to focus primarily on reading and writing will have a different set of materials and lesson exercises than students who want to learn simple travel phrases!

I believe that every student has a unique and personal way that they learn and that understanding my students’ learning style is essential. Learning a language can expose vulnerabilities, so I make sure to create a virtual classroom environment where students can explore the Burmese language comfortably with plenty of support and patience. Students are completely free to ask questions and try out new language concepts during the class so that they can learn in whatever way that they learn best.“Schedule a Lesson Now!”